Hardware Development


Software Development



Single chip digital cameras use color filter arrays (CFA) to interpolate digital color images. In the diagram below, light passes through the lens and reaches the image sensor plane that houses the CFA.


The original image, which had gray levels ranging from 0 to 255, was subjected to Gaussian noise with a standard deviation of SIGMA=25, using the MATLAB command +SIGMA*RANDN.


DMMD is actively developing super resolution algorithms that enhance image quality by combining multiple low resolution images to produce a higher resolution output. In some cases, higher resolution training data is also utilized. Traditional super resolution using table lookups can be time-consuming, as it requires matching image patches from high and low resolution images. DMMD is exploring machine learning-based approaches that learn how to perform super resolution more efficiently.


DMMD specializes in mobile networking, utilizing Bluetooth-enabled phones to create live, dynamic networks that can be used for medical emergencies and health monitoring.



Preventative Maintenance

DMMD develops algorithms for preventive maintenance applications, analyzing sub-periodic signals extracted from vibration data recorded with an accelerometer using time-frequency analysis tools.

3D Robotic Arm Scanning

DMMD created customized 3D scanning solutions for Van Gogh Imaging projects, including automatic data registration. Using robotic arms and rotating tables, DMMD developed a solution that registers all the scans, allowing any 3D scanner to fully scan a small object. DMMD also improved the registration technology to work automatically with any scanner and without human interaction, based on recognizing scene features. DMMD integrated its Algorithms signal processing library to achieve real-time 3D data registration and acquisition for VGI.

3D Urban Scanning

US Patent pdf

XRay Processing

DMMD created a customized version of Visere called WhiteCap for SimonDr, which includes different plugins to support SimonDr. The plugins can be categorized into two families: data acquisition and image processing filters. The former is used to collect data from external hardware, while the latter is used for post-processing image data by applying filters such as denoising, unsharp masking, and curve adjustments. WhiteCap has been approved by the FDA as part of SimonDr's podiatry system, requiring DMMD to adhere to rigorous FDA requirements for software development processes.