Visere [Vĭ-se-re]

DMMD developed Visere to be an advanced, freeware, image viewing, managing and editing program. Visere has a fast, intuitive and user friendly interface. Visere can handle basic image editing functionality, such as: cut, copy, paste, crop, and undo. It easily renames, converts, resizes, removes red eyes, color balances, sharpens, denoises and prints your images.

Visere forms the starting point for other image viewers that DMMD has developed for SimonDr and VMI. These viewers include WhiteCap and the eVet Viewer.

Visere comes in two flavors: Visere Commercial and Visere Medical. Both versions are based on the same core technology. Visere commercial is focused on every day usage, while Visere Medical is focused on viewing medical images.

Visere 4 & 3

Visere Commercial is a freeware version of DMMD’s image viewer. The latest stable version, with a complete GUI, is version 4.1 and it includes the following features … Read more …

Visere 6

Visere 6 has been completely redesigned from ground up. Read more …

Visere Medical

Visere Medical is DMMD’s DICOM viewer. It is integrated closely with our Exuo PACS server, to provide state of the art medical imaging solutions. Visere Medical was designed to be a great DICOM viewer and to turn any Canon camera into a DR XRay System. Read more …