Side By Side Image Comparison

Visere and Visere Medical provide side by side image comparison to allow you to easily evaluate and compare two separate images. The side by side comparison works best when two images are of the same size.

To enable side-by-side comparison, take the following two steps, as shown in the Figure above:

  1. First, enable two side viewing from the menu: View->Two Split View (Ctrl+V)
  2. Second, enable zoom-lock from the menu: View->Zoom->Lock Zoom & Scroll (Ctrl+L). This will force whatever zooming and scrolling you do in one window to be applied to the other window. The active window has a red border around it.

To test the new setting, scroll and zoom in the active image. You will notice that the other image scrolls and zooms the same way. The images are tied together at the origin. This means that if the two images are not the same size, then the second image will zoom and scroll in such a way that it’s origin, the upper-left corner of the image, remains locked to the origin of the first image. An example of locked zoom and scroll is shown in the two images on the left.

The red border (barely visible) is on the left-side image. This means that the left-side image is the active image. Any zoom-scroll is applied to the active image first and then to the right-side image. Scroll and zoom into the left image. The right image view will follow around the left image view.

(Also note: all image processes used are applied only to the active image, the image with the red border around it.)

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