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In Brief

DMMD develops and customizes multidimensional signal processing algorithms (1D sound, 2D images, 3D scans and multidimensional). Our solutions are based on DMMD developed and open source libraries to quickly and efficiently integrate hardware data acquisition with algorithms, visualization technologies, databases and network communications, across all OSes (Mac OS, Linux and Windows) and hardware platforms (Android, iOS and ARM embedded processors).

DMMD develops, integrates, and customizes signal processing and networking software for your business. Certain byproducts of our work, such as Visere (an image viewer), Algorithms (an image processing library), and Exuo (an image server) can be easily integrated and customized into your own product.

In Details

Our team excels at projects that require ingenious signal processing and/or networking solutions. If your business requires advanced signal processing (1D, 2D, 3D, and multi-D) and/or networking, to solve a challenging problem, or to help you stay ahead of your competition, DMMD can help.

For mission critical applications, where performance is important, DMMD’s software is written in C/C++, OpenGL or other GPU based language. We can integrate our software across a wide range of hardware platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux and mobile devices. If interfacing to external hardware modules, such as cameras, encoders, ADCs, or any type of hardware, DMMD’s team has the experience and track record to successfully complete your project.

Since the company’s inception in 2002, DMMD has worked with large and small companies to provide state of the art multi-dimensional signal processing and networking solutions at a reasonable cost. Our team has developed, patented and licensed state of the art image processing and data analysis tools for applications such as: preventive maintenance, medical viewers, 3D scanning and image servers.

DMMD’s team is a highly skilled, dependent and courteous group of professional programmers. Working with DMMD to develop your customized solution consists of the following general steps:

  1. To get a good understanding of your problem we will discuss with you in details your technical needs.
  2. After having a clear understanding of your needs, DMMD will suggest several different approaches. Our advantage is that DMMD can integrate our already developed software tools to reach an optimal solution in a reasonable time and at a reasonable cost.
  3. Once the project development starts, DMMD will provide you access to: nightly automatic builds and tests, UML based software design documentation, a bug tracking system where you can enter bugs and feature requests as the development moves forward, and a WIKI website where we provide details on the usage of the developed software.
  4. On a regular basis DMMD will provide you with updates of the development process. Traceability and transparency is what DMMD’s software development is all about.
“We have been using DMMD’s software service for the last two years and it’s been a wonderful experience. They provide an excellent technology at an affordable price. They are also very responsible and reliable. Most importantly, their technical skill is as good as I have worked with in my thirty years in the technology business. These guys can pretty much execute anything related to software. I highly recommend them to anyone that is planning on a challenging software project.”

Ken Lee
VanGogh Imaging, Inc.

Lower Costs by Leveraging Existing Software

DMMD can lower your customization costs by leveraging software developed in other projects. You can further control the costs of the project by deciding whether or not code developed specifically for your company will remain proprietary to your customized application. If DMMD can reuse the customized code, your costs will be lower.

In most cases DMMD’s approach to customized software development is based on three fundamental pillars:


  • Provide an enhanced and highly customizable image viewer, editor, processor, and general user interface. For most signal processing applications Visere is a good foundation.
  • Provide an advanced, parallelized data processing engine. For image, 3D and all signal processing applications we use Algorithms.
  • Provide an advanced image network management system for data sharing. For image sharing we use Exuo.

By recycling software components, DMMD can customize your signal processing and/or networking software quickly and efficiently, while simultaneously lowering your development costs.

In Conclusion

DMMD is a team of highly skilled software developers and signal processing engineers that can help your business become more competitive by developing cost efficient software solutions for signal processing and networking based applications.

To discuss your software development needs, please email us at Be sure to also check our blog, which contains articles that our development team has written.

“Folks at DMMD have done a great job of making complicated software simple, customized, and reasonably priced. Their responsiveness is incredible. There is a customer service attitude throughout DMMD that is genuinely hard to find.”

Jason Simon
SimonDR, Inc.