Photoshop Host

DMMD has developed a Phostoshop Host and a simple and clear to use Photoshop Host SDK. The Photoshop Host allows your application to run any Photoshop filter, 32 or 64 bits, thus turning your own application into a mini-Photoshop. A flow chart showing the interaction between our Photoshop Host, third party Photoshop Plugins and your own application is shown next.

DMMD will gladly provide assistance with the integration of our Photoshop Host SDK within your own application. The SDK interface is implemented through a simple C interface. This gives you integration flexibility. You can integrate the Photoshop Host into applications written in a wide variety of programming languages including: .NET, Java, C, C++ and others.

Functions documentation is provided in header file located in “vsrPp_sdk/include/vsrPp_sdk.h”
To see an example of how to use the Photoshop Host SDK look at the complete source code located in “vsrPp_sdk/example/vsrPp_app.cpp”

Copy any Photoshop Plugin to the “vsrPp_sdk/bin/Win32/Photoshop” directory. That’s about it! Take a look at how the SDK is being used in the example application and then use it in the same fashion in your own application. If you’re all set, then Enjoy! If you need further help, please contact our team at

Programming Your Own Application

The sequence diagram for using DMMD’s Photoshop Host SDK is shown below. The Photoshop Host SDK can be run freely inside your application, but it is limited to running the Photoshop filter in GUI Mode only. In GUI Mode the filter’s GUI will show up prompting the user for filter inputs. In certain applications, such as a web-based application or for batch processing jobs, there are use cases where the desire is to run the Photoshop filters automatically using pre-set values. We call this the Batch Mode. To run the Photoshop Host SDK in Batch Mode you will need a license from DMMD. For more information, please contact our team at or


The steps for requesting and registering a Photoshop Host license are shown below. Please note that some email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, automatically append an extension to any attachment that has no extension. Once the TUTUM license file is saved in the executable directory, please make sure that there are no extensions.

“We are developers of Software for Photographers focusing towards various needs of Composing. We surely have basic image editing tools as part of our software. But after using Photoshop Host SDK offered by DMMD; we could make our software qualify for a separate league all together. Now all our users can use their favorite Plugins within our software while enjoying ease of composing. Many thanks to the DMMD team. I would recommend DMMD to any company looking for good Imaging Solutions resources. Thanks for your valuable support.”

Pritesh Sidhdhapura
Head of Development
DgFlick Solutions Pvt. Ltd.