Photoshop Plugins

DMMD can customize image processing applications for your own needs. For example, we have developed a Medical Photoshop Plugin Package using filters that are part of our Algorithms Library and which are used in applications such as Visere Medical and White Cap. The Photoshop Medical Plugin can be downloaded from here. You can use the medical package inside Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to process XRay Images. The processing sequence would be as shown below.

RAW data can be any data obtained from a camera or other sources. (In some cases, a RAW reader plugin might be required in order to read your raw data into Photoshop.). After the data is read in Photoshop the image data needs to be converted to gray scale and then DMMD’s Medical Plugin can be applied. After processing, the data can be saved as DICOM (a standard medical image format) or any other format supported by Photsohop.

(Note: We are not aware of a Photoshop DICOM plugin. If you are interested in a Photoshop DICOM Plugin for writing DICOM images we would ask you to please contact us ( and let us know. We are trying to understand the need for such a DICOM Photoshop Plugin.)

“We are developers of Software for Photographers focusing towards various needs of Composing. We surely have basic image editing tools as part of our software. But after using Photoshop Host SDK offered by DMMD; we could make our software qualify for a separate league all together. Now all our users can use their favorite Plugins within our software while enjoying ease of composing. Many thanks to the DMMD team. I would recommend DMMD to any company looking for good Imaging Solutions resources. Thanks for your valuable support.”

Pritesh Sidhdhapura
Head of Development
DgFlick Solutions Pvt. Ltd.