Van Gogh Imaging

DMMD developed customized 3D scanning solutions for several different Van Gogh Imaging projects. One particularly difficult challenge was automatic data registration. Using a combination of robotic arms and rotating tables, DMMD developed a solution that allows any 3D scanner to fully scan a small 3D object by scanning different faces of the object and then automatically registering all the scans.

Pictured above is the DMMD manufactured robotic arm and encoded turn table. One particular novelty of the robotic arm is that the positional information is encoded by the top arm. The supporting arm, the one on the bottom is allowed to bend, without jeopardizing the accuracy of positional encoders. Using the robotic arm and the turn table combination, DMMD developed a solution that automatically registers multiple 3D scans, to obtain a complete 360 degree scan. DMMD developed several different stereo 3D scanning solutions and corresponding 3D data registration algorithms.

DMMD has further improved the registration technology such that the registration works automatically, with any scanner and without the use of any hardware or human interaction. The technology is based on intelligently recognizing scene features and then registering all the scans using the features detected in the scene. (Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our automatic scan registration technology.)

For VGI, DMMD has integrated our Algorithms signal processing library to achieve real-time 3D data registration and acquisition.

“We have been using DMMD’s software service for the last two years and it’s been a wonderful experience. They provide an excellent technology at an affordable price. They are also very responsible and reliable. Most importantly, their technical skill is as good as I have worked with in my thirty years in the technology business. These guys can pretty much execute anything related to software. I highly recommend them to anyone that is planning on a challenging software project.”

Ken Lee
VanGogh Imaging, Inc.