For SimonDr, DMMD customized Visere into a product called WhiteCap. Using a plugin approach, DMMD has developed different plugins to support SimonDR.

The first family of plugins is data acquisition. These plugins are used to acquire data from an external device, such as a CCD sensor, a flat panel, a digital camera, or any other hardware.

The second family of plugins is image processing filters. These filters are used to post-process the image data. They include filters such as: denoising, unsharp masking, applying curves, and many others.

WhiteCap has been FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved as part of SimonDR’s podiatry system. To pass FDA approval, DMMD had to conform to strict FDA requirements for software development processes.

“Folks at DMMD have done a great job of making complicated software simple, customized, and reasonably priced. Their responsiveness is incredible. There is a customer service attitude throughout DMMD that is genuinely hard to find.”

Jason Simon,President, SimonDR, Inc.,
October 22, 2008