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Programming Style

At DMMD we try to follow a “make sense” approach to our programming style. Whenever possible we use UML notation to describe the class interaction. To drive home certain concepts we steer clear of any one particular style of notation and provide the notation that we believe makes the explanation most intuitive. For example, we...

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Software Cost and Exclusivity

When developing customized software it can be tricky to determine the cost a customer is expecting to pay and the exclusivity rights a customer is expecting to have. There are different approaches to pricing software customization work and to determining exclusivity rights. In this post, I will discuss three common approaches for software developed in...

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Software Maintenance

Software development is more similar to growing a flower garden, than it is to building an electronic circuit. This is mostly due to the time frame for maintenance. For a garden, like in software, maintenance must be done often, on a daily basis. For an electronic circuit, maintenance is almost zero, once the circuit is...

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Custom Software Design

Before writing one line of code, the first step in a software project is the design step. Whether the design step takes five minutes, five days, or five months, depends on the scope of the project and the seriousness and maturity of the software team. In my opinion, spending an adequate amount of time on...

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Software Development

I feel it is important to stop and think about a good definition for “software development” and to compare software development against hardware development and other types of engineering projects. My definition for software development is as follows: Software Development: is a process for designing, creating, testing, maintaining and adding new features to a software...

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