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Software, Hardware and Firmware

In understanding the complexities of software development, let’s pause for a second and ask the question: What is software? The American Heritage Dictionary defines software as:  written or printed data such as programs, routines, and symbolic languages, essential to the operation of computers. This definition is mostly correct, but I would go a step further...

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Dynamic Range And Images

What is dynamic range and why is it important in imagery? Dynamic range is a measurement of the ability to record large and small changes simultaneously. When an image has high dynamic range, it means that the image has the ability to display both small and large changes. To keep the discussion simple and clear,...

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Multi-OS or Browser Development?

When it comes to Image Viewing Platforms, there is a debate within DMMD on whether or not we should focus on the development of a browser based image viewing platform or a multi-OS stand-alone application. On one hand, more and more applications are moving to a browser based platform and the future of software development...

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A Case for Contracting Software Development

Contracting software development can be beneficial to small startup companies and companies for which software development is not the core business. For a client, the benefits of contracting software development are: It gives more time to focus on its core competencies. It avoids having to deal with HR (human resources), PM (program management), training and...

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Naming Strategies When Coding

When writing code, a good amount of time should be spent on coming up with precise names for variables, functions, and classes. A piece of code based on a good naming convention should require almost no additional documentation, or it has the potential to significantly reduce the need for documentation. (Documentation for the software design,...

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