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Naming Strategies in Software Development

Often underestimated and rarely understood, naming strategies in software development can make a huge difference in how well and easy code is understood. In my opinion, an intuitive naming strategy can be the most significant benefit to a software project. A good naming strategy will not only help programmers communicate better and more efficiently, but...

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Photoshop Host SDK

At DMMD we have developed a Photoshop Host SDK that will allow you to run any Photoshop Plugin without the use of Photoshop. This can be a very powerful tool that allows you to integrate existing Photshop Filters into your own application, without the need of Photoshop. In theory, we can even use DMMD’s Phothsop...

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Software Development PDF Manual

In trying to come up with better methods of organizing and presenting concepts related to DMMD’s Software Development practices, I am compiling a manual with all of the different ideas. The latest PDF manual (generated with LaTeX) will always be available for download here. Certain chapters from the manual will also be presented in these...

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Software Branching

Software branching is an important sub-process of the overall software development process. The practice that we follow at DMMD is shown in the following figure. In the above figure, time progresses from left to right and it is recorded using a changelist. A changelist is a number that increases each time a new submission to...

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Software, Hardware and Firmware

In understanding the complexities of software development, let’s pause for a second and ask the question: What is software? The American Heritage Dictionary defines software as:  written or printed data such as programs, routines, and symbolic languages, essential to the operation of computers. This definition is mostly correct, but I would go a step further...

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