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DMMD develops, integrates, and customizes 2D image processing, 3D data processing, databases and networking software for your business. At DMMD we seek the challenges of a new project and look forward to a potential collaboration with your own company. If you are interested in hiring DMMD for your own project, please read our resume here and read what our clients have to say about working with us.

Certain byproducts of our work, such as Visere (an image viewing and processing platform), Algorithms (a signal processing library), and Exuo (an image server), can be customized for your own application. Read more…

imageDMMD uses Qt to develop Visere 6.0 and DMMD is a member of the Qt Ambassador Program. Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework. Using Qt, we can write applications once and deploy them across desktop, mobile and embedded operating systems without rewriting the source code.

“We have been using DMMD’s software service for the last two years and it’s been a wonderful experience. They provide an excellent technology at an affordable price. They are also very responsible and reliable. Most importantly, their technical skill is as good as I have worked with in my thirty years in the technology business. These guys can pretty much execute anything related to software. I highly recommend them to anyone that is planning on a challenging software project.”

Ken Lee, President, VanGogh Imaging, Inc.

“Folks at DMMD have done a great job of making complicated software simple, customized, and reasonably priced. Their responsiveness is incredible. There is a customer service attitude throughout DMMD that is genuinely hard to find.”

Jason Simon, President, SimonDR, Inc.

DMMD Resume

If interested in partnering with DMMD please download our resume or information about our CTO .

News Brief

June 2012: DMMD releases the Exuo PACS server. It is free to use.

April 2012: DMMD releases Photoshop Host SDK. Run Phothsop filters in your own application.

April 2011: DMMD brings to Visere support for a multitude of 2D and 3D cameras, including: Canon, Point Grey, Prime Sense, and most web cameras.

February 2011: DMMD joins the Qt Ambassador Program for developing Visere into a multi-OS, advanced image viewing and processing platform.

November 2010: DMMD releases Visere 64 for Linux. Through this release, DMMD shows a strong commitment towards a multi-OS, image processing platform.

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Latest Software
Visere 6.0 Alpha and Photoshop plugins (for denoising and image enhancements) are now available for download.

Download Visere 4.1
Click here to download.